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Trading electronic markets can be automated, mechanical or discretionary. There are three major trading components. Two are dynamic, one is fixed. Any one of the two dynamic forces will influence the behaviour of the other two. It can be immediate or delayed. Real-time trading systems will combine aspects of each one with an understanding of the possible active/inactive states that can occur. Assisting the selection of which trading "tools" will suit. For the DOW, S&P500, SPI200, SPI

The many dimensions of electronic markets

we wont tell you how, but explain
what you need to know, in order to trade

market internals

 components components of trading
 nuts-n-bolts nuts and bolts
 methods processes
bullet library resource
 know-how trading knowledge base
bullet source of trading ideas

the 4 aspects

bullet Information with supporting authorities.
bullet verifiable facts, how they work
bullet research based on the above.
bullet applied in the form of
    (a) do-it-yourself, or
    (b) using our methods.

the 6 options

bullet If you learn nothing, move on.
bullet If you learn something, read our
    terms of use.

If it makes sense, you can either
bullet work out the know-how yourself, or
bullet purchase the know-how from us

applying the know-how, you can either
bullet do it yourself, or
bullet purchase our ready-made solutions.

a no-glitz site, no flash pictures
just information requiring hard work

absence of gloss and glitz is intentional

Trading success is possible

This site is for the serious trader.
The information in these pages is essential to trading. It is not made available or published free of charge anywhere else.
The majority of people who start trading will lose money. This is not a pleasant fact, but it is still a fact.
How will you deal with it?
      do not trade
      realise that there is no easy way without great focus, serious commitment and hard work.
The information contained within this site is the equivalent of a university degree course. It is made available for those who wish to "survive", "not lose money" and "live" to trade another day. You will need to work through the sections, reading and re-reading them. This site will provide answers to your questions as well as answers to questions you haven't yet asked.

Foreword from a Canadian trader

Gone are the days when outrageous claims of instant success would catch my attention. I was now in search of answers. And one morning they came in the hundreds, in the form of an open tab on my internet-browser, and from this very site that you are on right now. I will never forget that day as it was a turning point and the most important event in my life as a trader. This site was unlike any that I had ever seen. Everything I needed was here.

This website deals with topics and information that you cannot find anywhere else. It covers all that the trader, beginner or advanced, neeeds to know. The material and information is vast. It is heavy and thought provoking, and it is exactly this manner of presentation which will enable you to make the most of it. Many times I read and re-read passages and each time I understand more and become aware of something that I previously missed. Everything has a lesson to teach and some things have multiple lessons.

What you find is meant for the lone-trader, the "David" who is attempting the feat of taking on "Goliath". You will be equipped with information that currently cannot be found anywhere else. This is the trader's edge that everyone searches for.

I want to stress that you have a difficult path ahead, but the journey will be worth it - and even if you cannot see that now, if you persist, you will. When you do see, you will think, and if you think well, it will all make sense.

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the answers are here - if you look for them

some of the 100 topics covered

iceberg orders
split orders
stealth trading
market ambush
happy hour
hitting the bid

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