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In 1980 Tom Hopkins wrote "A champion salesman finds out what the customer needs, then meets that need - even if it means referring the customer to another organisation whose service better meets that need". He further wrote "A salesman who sells something to someone who has no need, or doesn't meet their needs, is a con-artist"

Company motto at Striker Securities Ltd - "the client's interest must come first". "Because of Striker's no-conflict structure, our broker's focus exclusively on customer service which includes unbiased system consulting".

Camron Systems fully subscribe to the no-compete no-conflict ideals. We will list here any allied organisation whose product or service advances the needs of private-traders. Anyone knowing of any comparable site, local or international, let us know and we will consider them for inclusion.

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The theme of this site is tracking "supply and demand".
Few organisations deal with it in a futures - trading context.
The above links are the only two we are aware of. Different dimensions.
We believe we offer the most comprehensive treatment, of the two dimensions.

university treasury courses

North Western University - Chicago
Lincoln University
Reading University - UK - distance
Northeastern University - Boston - distance
Monash University   Melbourne AU

Treasury dealing courses are highly recommended sources of education and training
underlying physical - futures - curves - spreads - yields etc.
The above selection is a small sample of what is available.

university online trading courses

University Pennsylvania - includes application of game theory


Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. He is an active trader. His website is one of the best no-fee, no-nonsense, resources available. From articles on market psychology to hands-on trading techniques documented in the Trading Psychology Weblog. Short-term traders of stock indexes, will find unique perspectives, free of hype and commercial solicitation.   and


Phil Davis is a journalist. Located in Los angeles, California, his column provides excellent commentary on proprietary trading, how the game is played and who the opposition are.

a kindred spirit

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