the road less travelled

road much travelled - the promise of instant wealth

Most "trading sites" promise instant success with "quick-fix" solutions. They are marketing operations. Surrounded by glitz and glamour. Appealing to those who seek instant answers and instant wealth, who aren't prepared to commit to what is required for knowledge and mastery.

a typical "instant wealth" example
If you want more for yourself and your family, "Snake-Technologies" offers exciting wealth generation opportunities. All you need is a computer and the desire to create wealth. Itís simple and itís easy!. Generate income while working from your home or office for just a few hours a week.

road less travelled - the road to mastery

The long and hard road. If it was easy every one would be a traveller.
Mastery in any endeavour takes time and hard work. In trading there is no "theory for everything". Translated this means there is no shortcut to instant success. There is however "the road less travelled", the time honoured path that leads in the end to mastery. It requires time, determination, commitment and patience. It's the path of apprenticeship, learning on the job, of taking the time and having the patience to achieve a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

No glitz. No promises. We don't advertise. Don't do road shows. Don't do seminars. You have to find us. The best advertising in the world can't help.

This site is a road-map to the "road less travelled".

the road to nowhere

the road most novices find themselves on

road without end - escher's never-ending road

the endless hard-sell seminar road