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this item is available immediately, electronically

$100 obtains
Link to un-cut website with topics un-available in public website, plus
Replay37 system, basic introduction to some of the principles, plus
overview of client know-how documentation, plus
overview of client bulletins documentation, plus
4 pay-per-view research papers (on pages 6,8,9,10) worth $50 each

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AUD $100

software solutions - services - consulting

available live data feed interfaces
note - boursedata commercial SFE feed is high-speed straight-through un-filtered

boursedata ltd     interactive brokers         esignal

software development, programming, consulting

service rate
    systems software development $150 ph
    consulting, training, mentoring $150 ph


This public web-site sets out the principles applicable to Futures Trading
The Part-A "know-how" component of our product offering below sets out in detail how those principles are applied
The Part-B product offering is the software which provides real-time automation and observation of the application of the principles

The "part a" know-how is applicable to, (a) short term high frequency trading, (b) intermediate term trading, and (c) longer term position trading. The software "part b" is applicable to short-term intra-day trading only. The main package can be unbundled and "part a" purchased separately without "part b" which can be subsequently purchased by Part A clients.

main package unit price total price

    PART A  know-how

    PART B  software
    Q84 analysis engine
    Tcpcam data engine
    Dimension3 supply & demand

    3 hours consulting
    3 months back data




know how - intellectual property price

    PART A
    The specifics and application of concepts on this site
    DNA of the spi. included in base package, or stand-alone.
    Know exactly where the market is going.
    Know exactly where the boundaries are. how to find them.
    It's carefully managed each day with precise boundaries.
    Full Documentation. Requires confidentiality agreement.

    Intraday offline tick replay system software
    Dimension3 supply & demand software
    3 hours consulting
    3 months back data


intraday trading simulator price

    trading simulator.

    add-on to dimension3 software
    option (b) above


camex pressure gauge intellectual know how price

    Camex Indicator. The very best is always very simple.
    A 'real' market indicator. Courtesy Standard & Poors.
    Its right there, out in the open, under your nose. Real-time.
    Never trade against it. No software needed. Just know-how.
    Know where to look, what to look at, how to look.
    Full Documentation. Requires confidentiality agreement.


access mdb database with preopen prices price

    a microsoft mdb data base with 2 years preopen data.
    preopen session OHLC plus day session OHLC.
    with many 'sql' queries. check it out for yourself.


DRIVERS - supplied by camron
data source software price
Futures data stream TCPCAM feed to quotes84, rescam, camserver   $110
TCPCAM CAMSERVER send data to MSRTserver   $110
TCPCAM driver transports data from resource data TCP server and delivers it to rescam, quotes, marketsize
CAMserver converts tcpcam data and delivers it to the Tradersoft MSRT server

QUOTE ANALYSIS SCREENS - supplied by camron
driver software price
TCPCAM QUOTES37 see free demo software   $330
TCPCAM QUOTES84 see free demo software ****   $770
Includes full course of sales, (time and sales) together with bid ask classification for each trade.
Featuring the exlusive camron commercial bid-ask and dgas bid-ask count.
plus SFE SPI preopen bidding, preopen range, high and low.

ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE - supplied by camron
data source - driver software price
TCPCAM MARKETSIZE from Tcpcam   $110
TCPCAM SWING973   $110
QUOTES84 - data exchange Third Dimension Charting   $880
MarketSize displays total volume at each price level, subdivided into buys, sells, & net at each price level
Shows where the business is being done. And on which side of the market. See example of market size
Third Dimension live 3 dimensional chart of price, time, obv, bidask hit counts, DGAS counts see example


legacy applications - for those who want them

CHARTING INTERFACES - supplied by camron
driver software price
TCPCAM RESCAM interface for charting packages below   $430
RESCAM Supercharts 4   Omega
RESCAM MetastockRT and Tradestation 2000i   Equis/Omega
MSRT server MetastockRT and Tradestation 2000i   Equis/Omega
CAMSERVER MSRTserver for Metastock & Tradestation   TraderSoft
RESCAM driver converts TCPCAM data and automatically populates / updates Metastock format files.