Electronic markets have changed the trading landscape.
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Topic Index
roadmap 1      table of contents     A - K
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Page Index
section 1.0     site works overview, aims of the site, inside the 'holy grail'.
section 2.0     introduction, a million ways, spi behaviour, mis-pricing, pre-market
section 3.0     probability, visual observation, perception and mechanical systems
section 4.0     origins, supply and demand, collective behaviour, trading bunkers
section 5.0     methodology, hitters, sitters, counting elephants, data fragmentation
section 6.0     reference material, pattern recognition systems, group decisions
section 7.0     about us, background, what goes round comes round, disclaimer
section 8.0     electronic trading, system strategies, quantum and games theories
section 9.0     linda bradford raschke on mechanical systems
section 10      technical analysis under real-time conditions, stochastic motion
section 11      education, training, and practice facilities. where are they.
section 12      inside trading, jobbing, permutations, icebergs, lock-step effect, untouchables
section 13      volume effect, market depth
section 14      screen shots and explanations.
section 15      products, software, self-training, download replay system
section 16      pre-open, pre-market, procedures.
section 17      methodology applied to trading the dow - ideas from down under.
section 18      vacuum effect, zig-zag effect, when the selling stops.
section 19      components of trading, the nuts and bolts.
section 20      supply and demand in electronic markets - theory.
section 21      supply and demand in electronic markets - practical.
section 22      proprietary trading - how it's done.
section 23      control zone.
section 24      algorithmic trading, mechanical systems.
section 25      sweeping the market, the effect of robots.
section 26      products, services, consulting, fee schedule.
section 27      a history of development - we were first - others followed.
section 28      market making, the market maker, the dancing elephant.
section 29      consulting.
section 40      sources of streaming futures data for spi.
section 41      robots out of control.
section 42      tapereading solutions and opinions.
section 43      specific topics on trading research e-documents.
section 44      financial planning in australia and financial advisors.
section 45      high frequency trading systems and the lone-trader.
section 49      intellectual property, donations.

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why you will eventually return here
comment from a visitor. I have performed daily research for over 3 years. Hard to find links to your site on Google, whereas every other snake-oil seller or un-informative ASX html pops up instantly. Very thought provoking, answering questions that many no doubt have, or wonder about, but never get around to really critically finding anything on it, or even taking it further. I have read and studied over 50 books (sadly my office is fit for a professional charting business) and attended many seminars etc and you clarify many niggling doubts I had on certain topics. Had I not gone through the process of trying to learn as much as possible on trading I would not have understood the depth and facts of what you have compiled here.